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A Call to Service thumbnail
A Call to Service eAudiobook
Holly Green / Emma Powell Available 16th May 2024

After fleeing German-occupied Paris Alix is back in her home in Belgrade hoping to finally reunite w..

The Book of Secrets thumbnail
The Book of Secrets eAudiobook
Anna Mazzola / Genevieve Gaunt Available 13th May 2024

Rome 1659. Months after the plague has ravaged Rome men are still dying in unnatural numbers and rum..

The Grand Illusion thumbnail
The Grand Illusion eAudiobook
Syd Moore / Penelope Rawlins Available 14th May 2024

June 1940. As World War Two rages Daphne Devine remains in London performing each night as assistant..

The Secrets of Blythswood Square thumbnail
The Secrets of Blythswood Square eAudiobook
Sara Sheridan / Cathleen McCarron

Glasgow 1846. Rumours of improper behaviour spread like wildfire on the respectable Blythswood Squar..

The Little Wartime Library thumbnail
The Little Wartime Library eAudiobook
Kate Thompson / Sarah Durham Available 11th May 2024

London 1944. Clara Button is no ordinary librarian. While the world remains at war in East London Cl..

Warrior thumbnail
Warrior eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow; T.J. Andrews / Jonathan Keeble

The Romans invaded Britannia in AD 43 confident of victory. They swept through a divided and ill-equ..

Fire And Sword: The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet thumbnail
Fire And Sword: The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble Available 7th May 2024

1804. Napoleon Bonaparte is Emperor of France his ultimate aim: to rule Europe. After defeat at the ..

Love Will Find a Way thumbnail
Love Will Find a Way eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey

Cliffehaven December 1946_x000D_From a hill above the town of Cliffehaven a young woman makes a hear..

Lords of the White Castle thumbnail
Lords of the White Castle eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott Available 30th April 2024

Westminster 1184. As a reward for loyalty to the crown Fulke FitzWarin becomes companion to Prince J..

The Time of Singing thumbnail
The Time of Singing eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Peter Wickham Available 30th April 2024

When Roger Bigod heir to the powerful earldom of Norfolk arrives at court in 1177 to settle a bitter..

A Court of Betrayal thumbnail
A Court of Betrayal eAudiobook
Anne O'Brien / Jilly Bond Available 6th May 2024

The Welsh Marches 1301. Strong-willed heiress Johane de Geneville is married to Roger Mortimer Earl ..

Rebellion thumbnail
Rebellion eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 60. Britannia is in turmoil. The rebel leader Boudica has tasted victory against a force of tough..

Peace Comes to Honeyfield thumbnail
Peace Comes to Honeyfield eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Patience Tomlinson

Armistice Day London 1918. Fiercely independent Georgie is tired of being told what's best for her b..

The Song Of Nightingale thumbnail
The Song Of Nightingale eAudiobook
Alys Clare / Charlotte Strevens

Winter 1211. Former abbess Helewise moves back to her cell near Hawkenlye Abbey to help the needy pu..

The Bone Hunters thumbnail
The Bone Hunters eAudiobook
Joanne Burn / Catrin Walker-Booth

In 1824 Lyme Regis is as tumultuous as the sea that surrounds it. Wealthy holidaymakers dance in the..