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The Party thumbnail
The Party eAudiobook
Lisa Hall / Georgia Maguire

When Rachel wakes up in a strange room the morning after a neighbour's party she has no memory of wh..

Safe House thumbnail
Safe House eAudiobook
Jo Jakeman / Helen Keeley

The morning after a terrible storm a woman turns up in a remote Cornish village. She has bought a cr..

No Place Like Home thumbnail
No Place Like Home eAudiobook
Lynda Stacey / Karen Cass

He knows where you are. . . Sisters Molly and Beth Winters thought the remote clifftop house would b..

To the Power of Three thumbnail
To the Power of Three eAudiobook
Laura Lippman / Alexandra O'Karma

There are excellent reasons why New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman has won the Edgar® ..

The Last Thing to Burn thumbnail
The Last Thing to Burn eAudiobook
Will Dean / Sarah Lam

He is her husband. She is his captive. Her husband calls her Jane. That is not her name. She lives i..

The Daughter In Law thumbnail
The Daughter In Law eAudiobook
Nina Manning / Candida Gubbins Helen Keeley

No one is good enough for her son…As a single mother Annie has an especially close relationship wi..

The Distant Dead thumbnail
The Distant Dead eAudiobook
Heather Young / Laurel Lefkow

Sal Prentiss orphaned and burdened with a terrible secret just wants a place to belong. Sal lives wi..

The Narrow Bed thumbnail
The Narrow Bed eAudiobook
Sophie Hannah / Julia Barrie

A killer the police have dubbed Billy Dead Mates is killing pairs of best friends one by one. Just b..

The Birthday Girl thumbnail
The Birthday Girl eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Martyn Read

Tony Freeman rescued Mersiha when she was fighting for her life in war-torn Yugoslavia. Now she is h..

The Kindred Killers thumbnail
The Kindred Killers eAudiobook
Graham Smith / Dave McCallion

Jake Boulder's help is requested when his friend's family is crucified and burned. When a woman's bo..

To the Power of Three thumbnail
To the Power of Three eAudiobook
Laura Lippman / Linda Emond

“Powerful….A gripping tale that is a mystery only in the same sense as To Kill a Mockingbird was..

Out of the Darkness thumbnail
Out of the Darkness eAudiobook
Heather Graham / Saskia Maarleveld

“Graham is the queen of romantic suspense.” —RT Book Reviews A love rekindled…or a deadly r..

In a Dark Dark Wood thumbnail
In a Dark Dark Wood eAudiobook
Ruth Ware / Imogen Church

Nora hasn't seen Clare for years. Not since they were at school together. Not since Nora walked out ..

One by One thumbnail
One by One eAudiobook
Ruth Ware / Imogen Church

Snow is falling in the exclusive alpine ski resort of Saint Antoine as the shareholders and director..

Hush Hush thumbnail
Hush Hush eAudiobook
Laura Lippman / Katherine Fenton

Melisandre - rich beautiful possibly insane - has to live with the knowledge of a devastating event ..